Levels of Service


Levels of Service

Our Annual Reviews


Annual Service

Conducted on an annual basis by telephone or virtual/video meeting, this will provide:

  • An assessment of the ongoing suitability of the plan
  • A valuation of your investment products
  • A review of your current asset allocation and fund selections
  • Discuss your situation and any changes to your circumstances
  • Implementation of any agreed changes that need to be made

In addition, you also receive:

  • Support from the client team for ad hoc queries regarding plans under our authorisation
  • Access to the RTFP Personal Financial Portal, providing secure communications, storage of documents and real-time viewing of your portfolio
  • Quarterly newsletter (soft copy)

Review Service

An annual face-to-face meeting, this will provide the following services in addition to those included in the Remote Annual Service above:

  • A financial plan providing a detailed analysis of your current financial situation
  • Review of investments to include asset allocation, attitude to risk and portfolio valuation
  • Implementation of any agreed changes to investments
  • Quarterly newsletter, hard or soft copy as preferred

Review Service

Face-to-face meetings with your adviser that are tailored to your needs, these will provide the following services in addition to those listed in the Annual Review Service above:

  • Flexible meetings at a frequency to suit your needs
  • Cash flow forecast with income and expenditure analysis
  • Liaison with other professionals as required, e.g. solicitors and accountants

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