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Throughout life your financial circumstances will undoubtedly change from time to time. When they do, it makes sense to seek professional advice to ensure that the choices and decisions you make not only reflect your priorities and aspirations but help you to achieve them.

Wherever you are on life’s financial journey, our experienced team at RTFP will help you understand your goals, provide advice you can trust and take away the stress and worry of decision making. Meanwhile, we facilitate the whole process helping you to realise your financial objectives. 

We offer a full range of financial planning services that will provide the best solutions for your unique financial situation. From start to finish, we keep you at the core of everything we do. From focusing on your financial security, looking for creative and flexible ways to  accomplish your goals, to achieving the ideal outcome for you.

Our aim is to establish a strong, long-term partnership with you, helping you to navigate life’s challenges. With our advice and guidance you can achieve the financial ambitions and security you want. 

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Full Financial Planning

A holistic review of your financial situation providing detailed plans for your future wealth and wellbeing.

Having the opportunity to choose when and how much to work, to change our lifestyle and have time to pursue other interests is a dream many of us aspire to.

Understanding your current financial situation, where you want to eventually be and how to plan for it can be a daunting task with endless amounts of information to research and a myriad of decisions to be made. 

Our Full Financial Planning Service provides a comprehensive review of your financial situation. Not only do we look at where you want to be in the future by taking account of your financial objectives and priorities.  Importantly, we also factor in the variations and anomalies that could become obstacles to achieving the financial freedom you want. 

Retirement Planning

Expert planning advice for all your imminent or future retirement needs.

Wherever you are on your career path, investing in your future retirement or ready to take advantage of your pension pot, achieving your personal retirement goals requires a sound understanding of all the options available to you.

You may already have a variety of pension plans in place and understanding their benefits and the complexities of the legislation surrounding pensions can be confusing. Wrong decisions made now can have a serious impact on your future wealth and comfort.

Knowing what level of income you want  and how to achieve it is just the start of our Retirement Planning Service. Using forecasting and modelling techniques we look at the ‘what if’ scenarios, which guides our advice on where, when and how to invest. So whether it is advice on how to create sufficient funds in the future or the optimal use of the assets you have now, we can help you to achieve long term and sustainable retirement income. 

Investment Planning

Advice on where, when and how to invest for wealth creation, maintenance and growth.

Identifying where, when and how to invest in order to create, maintain or grow your wealth is a formidable prospect for most people.

Knowing your attitude towards risk, determining your financial objectives and understanding the economic, regulatory and political developments and challenges that regularly occur and are all part of creating a successful investment plan. 

All this requires extensive and ongoing research to ensure that your investment portfolio is kept up to date and performing at its optimal level.

Our Investment Planning Service will review your existing circumstances. By using our team’s expertise in fund research, we design a portfolio of investments that will provide the most suitable solutions to achieve your financial objectives, given your personal attitude towards risk. Whatever phase of wealth creation, protection or income generation you are in, our portfolios are devised to maximise your potential wealth and minimise your likely tax liabilities.

Inheritance Tax, Trust and Estate Planning

Estate and inheritance advice to achieve security and tax efficiency for you and your family.

A big concern for many of our retired clients is how to pass on their estate whilst ensuring that during retirement, they don’t run out of money and can meet any care needs.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is an increasing concern as house prices rise and the value of your estate increases. Working out how to pass on your legacy whilst minimising the potential impact of IHT on your family is complicated and may require sophisticated planning.

Our Inheritance Tax and Trust Planning Service undertakes a full review of your current estate arrangements and any potential Inheritance Tax liability. We plan how to manage your wealth in line with your concerns and objectives whilst determining how to pass on your legacy in the most efficient manner, and this could involve the use of a trust mechanism or focussing on investments in IHT exempt assets.

Protection and Long Term Care Planning

Determining the type and level of cover you need to protect you, your family and business against future unforeseen events. 

Changes to your financial circumstances in the event of your ill health or death can have a devastating impact on the fiscal security of your family.

How to protect yourself, your family or your business when unexpected events occur requires an objective assessment of your own value so that the right amount and type of protection can be put in place should a life changing event occur. 

Protection Planning will fully review the protection requirements for you and your family. We can help give you peace of mind by planning the best way to ensure your financial security.

Our Long Term Care Planning finds ways to meet both your medical and non-medical needs so that you don’t have to worry about running out of money whilst still needing care.