The RTFP Investment Portfolio

We are delighted to introduce our new Investment Portfolio, in association with LGT Vestra.

Combining our own expertise in fund research with LGT Vestra’s investment process, research capability and administration, we have been able to design portfolios which, while based on LGT Vestra’s core portfolios, also feature our own, more specialist approach. These portfolios are therefore unique and available only to RTFP clients.

We have designed a range of portfolios to suit varying requirements. They include different risk styles - Defensive, Cautious, Moderate, Adventurous and Aggressive - in addition to which there is also a portfolio that has been designed specifically for income generation. They include a mix of passive and actively-manged funds to optimise potential returns, as well as diversity.

Competitively charged and with our own Investment Committee involved in both the investment strategy and decision-making processes, these portfolios have the added advantage of discretionary management, not only allowing RTFP/LGT Vestra to react far more swiftly to market and economic changes but also meaning that there is no ongoing requirement for a signature every time a change is made.

Whilst the RTFP Investment Portfolio service will suit many people’s requirements it is by no means suitable for everyone so it will be discussed and considered alongside other investment options, as part of the provision of the fully independent advice service we offer clients.

Please click here to open a .pdf copy of the RTFP Investment Portfolio brochure.

To learn more, or to request a hard copy, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

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